Kristin Graholm & Ingmar Mak, Real Estate Investors


Kristen Graholm & Ingmar Mak, Real Estate Investors

“Our consulting experience with Cindy was invaluable. We are young professionals just starting to invest in real estate and trying to figure out how we can make the most of our limited resources. Cindy not only answered all our burning questions but also helped us figure out a strategy that will allow us to start making real, sustainable income. Her corporate background and experience has given her the skills to understand every aspect of this business and she is approachable, honest and motivational. We highly recommend Cindy’s services!

Allan Novak, Television Producer & New Real Estate Investor

“Cindy’s great advice and detailed insights have been a huge eye opener to me in understanding the real potential in transforming my single family house into an income property. My consultations with her have completely demystified the process and made me realize the many possibilities available to increase the value and income potential of the property.”

Marcin Wroblewski, Investor & President Express Rooter Plumbing

“I heavily rely on Cindy’s expertise. She brings so much to the table. Her strength and field of expertise is in small building conversions. She immediately sees the potential in how to rearrange these dwellings for maximum cash flow. This comes so naturally to her. She has the vision most people simply don’t. Because of her I now own 2 properties in Toronto. One in Danforth Village and the other near the Indian Bazaar. These properties combined generate over $3000/month NET CASH FLOW!! I never put an offer on a property without first consulting with Cindy.”

Robert Ede, Sales Representative, RE/MAX Hallmark Realty Ltd., Brokerage

“I am pleased to have the opportunity to encourage you to partner-up with Ms. Cindy Wennerstrom. This lovely lady understand the NEW 3 Essentials of Real Estate – Location, Demographics & Timing PLUS outside-the-box Financing and the Taxation implications. She has a knack for turning an “everyday” house that the market is ignoring, into a spectacular “IncomePlex” – on Time & on Budget. Cindy recently put together a re-design/build team of contractors, tradespeople & suppliers to help a small-family client of mine gut-reno a “big old barn” of a house in Leslieville into a “grand and comfy-chic” home with an accessory apartment in [just] 3 months from Offer to Move-in!! The best part is … she’s a delight to talk to, work with and just “be in the same room” with! So if you’re serious about cashing in those money-losing mutual funds and […] if you ready (or almost ready) to buy an income-producing tangible asset […] then this is the gal for you! Get ready to work intensely & have a lot of laughs while you’re at it!”

Jacqueline Steventon and Chris D’Mello, Real Estate Investors

“My husband and I have been looking at the Toronto Real estate market for some time now and recently started working with Cindy. Cindy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Toronto market. She works hard for her clients and willingly shares her knowledge and experience. She has successfully completed a number of real estate projects for herself and her clients. She excels in picking houses that will cash flow and appreciate. We are confident that with Cindy’s assistance we will be able to find a solid investment property to add to our portfolio. Cin-Picks will take the guesswork out of your investment purchase. I will definitely use Cin-Picks and look forward to sharing my success story with you in the future.”