Ever felt the need to get away? Maybe you’re tired of constantly running into exs at the same bar as you, or maybe you just want to take your Tinder date somewhere where you won’t run into your boss.

Everywhere in Toronto is a “happening” place, but there are still some hidden jewels that are yours to discover:

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Photo- Toronto Life 

1. Cold Tea– Kensington

This bar, which opened some 4 years ago, has still not made it on to some of our radars due to its low key location: it’s located at the back of the unassuming Kensington Mall through a secret doorway. Happy hunting!

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Photo- Yelp 

2. Country Style Hungarian Restaurant -Bloor / Annex

Because you can’t always take a trip to Budapest, this spot is a good alternative. Cheap, delicious and good service….try the Goulash.

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Photo-City by Heart

3. Division Gallery -Bloor / Dundas

There’s more to Toronto’s art scene then just the AGO: Division Gallery is a commercial art gallery who’s primary purpose is to showcase contemporary Canadian and International art.

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Photo-Frankie’s Diner 

4. Frankie’s Diner– Queen/ Ossington

A cute diner spot with great eggs Benedict and allegedly “the world’s best burgers”. What more could you want?

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5. Peoples Eatery – Spadina

From the guys who brought you 416 Snackbar, this awesome spot focuses on the idea that “Toronto’s food culture is a culture of all of the cultures”, and thus mixes a fusion of different cuisines together. Must try!

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Photo-G Is For Gelato

6. G Is For Gelato – Jarvis/Adelaide

Pizza, Paninis, Gelatos. Are you sold yet? The business, which is over half a century old, began in Italy, just outside of Rome, so you can bet the know gelato!

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Photo- Bampot Tea

7. Bampot Bohemian House of Tea and Board Games

Bampot is a unique place in Toronto that combines great tea, great art and a great atmosphere. They also offer Tobacco-free hookah!

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8. Odd Seoul – Ossington & Queen

This Korean dive bar is a must-try for anyone who’s on a hunt for unique flavours in a low-key atmosphere. Try the pork rib, pictured above.

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Photo- Yelp 

9. To-ne Sushi – Queen & Spadina

Tone-Sushi is the “best rated Japanese restaurant in downtown Toronto” most likely due to their unreal boat trays at totally affordable prices.

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10. Cloud Gardens – Richmond

Need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city? The Cloud Gardens Conservatory is like a tropical cloud forest nestled between the office towers of Toronto’s DT core.  A true hidden gem!